Central locking 2


Automatic lock controls all five directional lock bolts. The high quality lock adopts connecting rod structure that simultaneously locks or unlocks in the upper, middle and lower positions. The multi-layered fortified plate of lockset resists impact and pry. An average of 9 to 13 locking points ensures that your house is safe and resistant to intruders. An independent inner safety lock provides additional safety and convenience to user.

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  • Installation can be done even for occupied homes or completed buildings


  • Lock Bolt VS Locking Position

    According to door experts and the way mechanical physics works, the number of locks does not necessarily reflect good locking power.Instead, it is the way each locking bolt is positioned. By distributing bolts to 5 different locking points in 3 different directions, this will greatly improve the locking effect as compared to the conventional 1~3 locking points in only one direction.

  • Gear VS Trigger operation?

    Janus Steel Safety Door main lockset is gear-operated and this gives excellent reliability compared to the trigger operated type. Our lockset will signal when there is any malfunction thus user will be assured of its safety function.

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