• Why do I need steel safety doors for my home?

    Providing protection and security to his family is the priority of house owners. No one would want to see his family in danger all because of a defective door. Therefore, choosing a door should be done with care and thought. If the main concern is the safety of the family, then a steel door is the best choice because it is durable and resistant to external forces.

    Steel safety doors are made of material that makes it difficult for an intruder to break it down and there are also security features that are built into the door. So anyone who wants to force open the door will have some problems.

    In previous years, it was safe to leave the front door unlocked. Unfortunately, home security is more important than ever in today’s society. One of the most effective ways is with a home steel safety door.

  • What advantages has a steel door over a wooden door?

    1. Steel safety doors definitely offer a solid foundation against fire and crime because of its tough material and durability.
    2. Steel safety doors are designed to be sturdy and reliable anytime to withstand any impact and resistant to external forces.
    3. A standard wooden door will easily give way and splinter into pieces when kicked in by an intruder, but the features of a steel safety door do not allow this.
    4. A steel safety door is water-resistant and does not warp when it is exposed to changes in weather.
  • Would having additional locks and alarm system ensure adequate security?

    1. We would all like to believe that our homes are burglar proof, but this is often very far from the truth. There are different types of burglars out there – the ones that will just go and kick in the door and then there are the skilled professionals who use tools that will allow themselves access quietly. Yes, locking your door is always a good idea, but it will most likely never stop a burglar from breaking into your home. A steel safety door goes a long way in stopping criminals from doing just that.
    2. There are ways that you can protect your home; most of which will begin with some small alterations to your door, replacing and adding new locksets, installing grills and alarms, which may all add up to quite a huge expense.
    3. Multiple locks are a feature in steel safety door. The locks are much better than standard door locks. No necessity for extra bolts, padlocks or grills.
    4. The long-lasting and resistant nature of steel safety doors gives you peace of mind and in knowing your money is being well- spent.
  • Where can I buy steel safety doors for my home?

    There are so many options out there and we want to steer you in the right direction. D&J Trading Enterprise is a Malaysian registered company and “Janus safety door” is our registered trademark. Our qualified staffs are trained to provide advice and pre-sale and after-sale professional services. Janus steel safety doors meet the absolute standard security requirements.

  • Who installs the door?

    Janus steel safety doors are installed by our Company professional installation team. The door will be completely installed in a day.

  • How do I choose a door that suits my home?

    Understanding how safety doors can affect the safety of your home will make it easier for you to decide on the type of safety door that is suitable for your home. Janus steel safety doors come in a variety of specification at affordable prices, to meet your different needs. Our professional team will pay you a site-visit in order to advise and help you select your choice.

  • Can the door surface be easily scratched?

    Light scratching will not damage the door surface, but using a very sharp object would cause scratch lines just as it would to any surface; steel or wood. However, if scratch line occurs it can easily be overcome by using colour treatment.

  • Is there a warranty period for the lockset?

    Yes, there is a one-year warranty period.

  • Are the keys replaceable if they are lost?

    Yes, just inform our Office or call any of our D&J agents that are found in most major towns throughout Malaysia. We will change the key-cylinder and you get a new set of keys.

  • Would it be inconvenient to have a door sill?

    A typical safety door should come with a door sill to prevent prying by intruder. The door sill will not cause any inconvenience when you are used to its presence.

  • Can the door sill be embedded?

    Yes, if you intend to change your floor tiles, as embedding the door sill requires the floor tiles to be cut. Most people will just fix the doorsill on the ground as the stainless steel covering on the door sill gives it a visual appeal.

  • If the present door opening is too big or too small, can I still use Janus door?

    Yes, you can. Our professional installation team will resize the opening to fit the door.

  • Can I replace my sliding glass doors with Janus steel safety door?

    Yes, you can. We do replace a three-panel or a four-panel sliding glass door with Janus door. You can visit our showroom to select the design that you like.

  • Do I still need to fix the grill after installing Janus door?

    Using grill is optional. Most people would not use the grill after installing Janus steel safety door as the door is safe, tough and beautiful. However, if you want to use a grill, you can still have the grill fixed in front of the door.

  • Why is the word “Janus” tagged on the door?

    Janus represents safety, quality, prestige and brand. In Roman mythology “Janus” is the god of doorways, doors and gates. It is depicted as a benevolent two-headed god looking inward and outward to safeguard the safety and peace of the people. Janus is our registered trademark and a company that has the conditions, and which has good–quality control will carry its own trademark. This trademark tagged on the door ensures that customer gets the authentic high-quality product.

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